June 23, 2021

New Name for Middle School Lacks Creativity, Creates New Problems

To the Editor:

I completely understand why the BOE felt compelled to change the name of the middle school to something other than John Witherspoon. I count myself among those who thought it should be renamed after Shirley Satterfield as an acknowledgment of her accomplishments and contributions to racial equity in the Princeton community.

However, once the decision was made to go with a generic “non-person” name, why did they have to change it from Princeton Unified Middle School at all? That name is equally as generic as Princeton Middle School and arguably better. Am I the only one who feels renaming a school to something that shortens to “PMS” has sexist undertones, especially considering the students who attend there are at an age when these issues start to emerge?

In my view, all the BOE succeeded in doing was creating whole new micro-aggression problem, not to mention once again demonstrating a lack of creativity. Complete waste of time, money, and energy!

Margaret Johnson
Burr Drive