June 9, 2021

Urging Support of Town’s Merchants In Considering Plans for Witherspoon

To the Editor:

I routinely walk “into town.” Mostly I visit Princeton’s town center as a pedestrian. But in considering the plans for Witherspoon Street, I urge the public and Town Council members to listen to and support the town’s merchants who will be most impacted by any changes to the Witherspoon streetscape.

Our merchants are a precious resource and the life blood of downtown Princeton. The many already-vacant storefronts cause me to be concerned about the vibrancy and vitality of the downtown. It induces me to put aside my own aspirations for a more pedestrian-focused carbon neutral town and instead listen to and support the specific needs of the merchants.

I urge Council members to do the same and support the wishes of the merchants. Do not be blinded by aspirational goals no matter how laudable. Remain focused on the very practical needs of keeping downtown Princeton alive. Please support Princeton’s merchants.

Joseph H. Weiss
Leigh Avenue