June 9, 2021

Thanking Local Organizations For Coordinating Community Pride Picnic

To the Editor,

I sit on the board of directors at HiTOPS, and I wanted to express my gratitude to the local organizations that coordinated last Saturday’s Princeton Community Pride Picnic held at the YMCA. To the staff and volunteers at Princeton Public Library, Princeton Family YMCA, the Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton Civil Rights Commission, McCarter Theatre Center, Corner House Behavioral Health, and of course, HiTOPS – THANK YOU!

It was a beautiful, well-planned event and thrilling to see so many smiling and engaged people from the Princeton area celebrating Pride. It was particularly heart-warming for me to see many young people in attendance. At HiTOPS we know that communities who embrace diversity in all its wonderful rainbow colors will foster strong and healthy young people of all identities. Princeton is an incredibly welcoming, inclusive, and diverse town, and I am proud to be a Princetonian.

Leanne Hunter
Chair, Communications

HiTOPS Board of Directors