June 9, 2021

“Apples and Oranges” Exhibit at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville

“APPLES AND ORANGES”: “Virus Testing” by Alan Klawans and “Morning Window” by Claudia Fouse Fountaine will be featured in a joint art exhibition on view June 10 through July 4 at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville.

Local artists Alan Klawans and Claudia Fouse Fountaine will be showing their work together at Artists’ Gallery from June 10 through July 4, and their art is as different as “Apples and Oranges.” All the work in the show was created during the pandemic, and each artist responded quite differently to the situation.

“My art is basically a celebration of light, of color — of life, really,” said Fountaine. “As the pandemic wore on, I felt less and less like celebrating anything. At one point I stopped painting altogether, waiting hopefully for a glimmer of joie de vivre to return. I tried focusing on memories of beautiful places — nature, animals, and just the everyday objects around me. Eventually my creative enthusiasm began to return, and I was able to pull together enough paintings for the show. May I continue on that path!”

Klawans said, “My art is my visualization of the COVID-19 pandemic from March 2020 to March 2021. It is abstract, and I’ve used some of the same shapes over and over again in the various compositions to indicate that the virus was present for many months — and still is. The medium of my pictures is inkjet printing and I have varied their colors to indicate my moods during the individual months of this cycle that I’ve chosen to portray.”

Artists’ Gallery is located at 18 Bridge Street in Lambertville. It is open Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit LambertvilleArts.com.