March 17, 2021

Supporting Hilltop Park Project to Address Shortage of Safe, Adequate Fields

To the Editor:

I fully support the Hilltop Park field project based on the need for Princeton taking this first step in addressing its shortage of safe and adequate fields, not just for soccer, but lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, field hockey, football, and every other sport requiring a large playing field. 

Turf is a must as the heavy play and constant usage puts a strain on our Recreation Department to maintain and repair our current inventory of grass fields (some would argue mud fields during and after rain events). This need is not new and is only growing, especially with the proposed increase of affordable housing coming to Princeton.

I agree with Hilltop resident concerns, especially regarding the need for addressing environmental issues, which by all indications have been addressed, but I would ask —if not Hilltop then where?  Hilltop is one of many parks in Princeton’s portfolio to be used and maintained for all Princetonians and is merely the first turf project that is needed to rectify our field shortages and conditions.  

Whatever side of the issue we are on, let us work together to build a better Princeton for all of its citizens.

Thomas Bell
Lake Drive