March 17, 2021

Expressing Concern About Mailboxes Damaged After Winter Snowstorms

To the Editor:

Princeton was hit by a series of snowstorms mid-February, with the worst on the 15th.  Residents were happy to have the roads cleared by the town, but not so happy to find so many mailboxes wrecked. 

On my street, a number were hit hard – our mailbox was the third in a line of three, when the plow driver apparently lost the center of the road.  Damage like this has happened before including to our mailbox, although not in such volume. In former days, one only had to report such to the Township, and a crew would be sent in the next few days to assess the damage make the necessary repairs. Sadly, this is no longer the case. 

When I made my call, I was told to contact the Princeton Department of Human Resources where I would find a “Torte Claim” form to fill out online. (Really?  Human Resources?) The complexity of the form, which only works with Google Chrome, and in which every slot needs to be filled, regardless of relevance,  was quite a challenge. However, after several tries, we managed to get it submitted, only to receive a letter a few days later via email asking for much the same information, including photos, written estimates etc. One can only conclude that these requirements, and the complexity of the procedures, have been designed to dissuade residents from making even the simplest of claims. And the snowplows are free to wreak havoc.

Anna Marie Skalka
Bouvant Drive