February 10, 2021

Full Range of Expert Computer Services Available From Technician X Professionals

HIGH TECH: “We offer expert computer service and repair but we’re not here just to fix computers,” explain Chris and Allison Rush, the husband and wife team who own Technician X. “First and foremost, we are here to help people. We are primarily a customer-focused business.” Shown is a statue of Albert Einstein seated in front of the Technician X location.

By Jean Stratton 

The mysteries of cyberspace can be solved at Technician X!

How is your little corner of this miraculous, mystifying, magical, but often frustrating, world?

Is your computer up to snuff? Or is it too slow, unreliable? Does it ever crash? Or — really bad news — suffer from a virus? How about the printer? Erratic, quirky? And then, the smartphone. All systems go — or not?

If any of the above resonates with you, help is at hand.

Computer Network   

Technician X, located in the Village Shoppes at Montgomery center at 1378 Route 206 South in Skillman, has been helping customers update, repair, and maintain existing computers, as well as buy new or refurbished models, for more than 20 years.

Owners Chris and Allison Rush and their staff of professional technicians can answer questions, solve problems, set up a new computer network for businesses and residences, and provide comprehensive computer service.

Building relationships and standing behind their service is very important to the experts at Technician X.

They can help you in your house or office, in their service center, or remotely via the web. They service all major brands, including desktop, laptop, tablets, and Android/iPhones. Hardware and software diagnostics, custom computer builds, data backup and recovery, wireless network setup and upgrade, server and workstation management, remote server and workstation monitoring, network design and deployment, virus/malware/ransomware removal and protection, and printer setup and repair are among the many services available.

Expert technician Chris Rush is often out on the road helping both small businesses and residential clients. He enjoys all aspects of his work, and is very involved in helping people understand the ever-changing world of technology.

“Business projects with lots of different moving pieces are especially interesting because it is always rewarding to watch everything come together,” he explains. “When I can help a business successfully navigate a difficult transition or project, it gives me great satisfaction.”

Home Projects

Home projects have been increasingly important during the pandemic, he adds, although people were beginning to work from home in larger numbers even before the outbreak of the virus.

“In the beginning of last year, as offices closed, and everyone worked and learned from home, the numbers of home visits by percentage of our jobs skyrocketed. I do anticipate that to decrease a bit as offices open up again this year and next; however, I’m not sure the same balance will ever come back.”

Technician X experts are always just a phone call away to answer questions for all customers, including for those who may not be technologically savvy, reports Allison Rush, who manages the business.

“We are always here for people. Older customers don’t always have their children or grandchildren nearby to help them, and we want to be there for them. We are definitely here to help with any problem, big or small. I really enjoy helping people to learn and understand the world of technology.”

This can also include going beyond the confines of Technician X, she points out. “I participate in meetings with Sypek Center, a technical school in Mercer County that offers a variety of courses including computer classes, both in person and virtually. Sypek is looking to further their educational system in computer repair and has been working with companies to make sure they are teaching students needed skills.”

Major Focus

Technician X offers sales of both new and refurbished major computer brands, and is also interested in helping customers maintain their existing computers in good running order, explains Chris.

“While there comes a time that a computer or piece of equipment is so old that it becomes obsolete or not worth repairing, we prefer to try to keep equipment running as long as possible. As such, a major focus of our work is to service and keep your current equipment running optimally.”

That can include a maintenance program, adds Allison. “This is important. You want to be sure that everything is working properly, and that there are no virus problems. Cyberattacks are out there, and it is important to have an antivirus built into the operating system.”

Maintenance checks are a good idea every six to 12 months, depending on the degree of computer usage. This can be done in the service center, at the customer’s location, or remotely, she explains.

The world of technology changes and advances all the time, and the experts at Technician X continually keep up-to-date with ongoing education.

Multiple Devices

Chris explains that among the new technological advances, the Cloud is a very big “player” in both the business and residential world.

“The Cloud means that your information, whatever it happens to be (email, data files, music, pictures, etc.) is stored on a computer somewhere on the internet, and you access it through the internet.

“This differs from the way things were historically, where almost everything was stored only on your computer, and if it wasn’t on your computer, you had no easy way of accessing it.

“Using the Cloud increases convenience by allowing us to synchronize and access our data from multiple devices wherever we are in the world, and protects us from losing data because we are trusting tech companies to keep our data safe for us.”

Among the other services Technician X provides are electronic recycling (except for older CRT monitors), and iPhone screens and battery replacement. Assorted computer accessories, such as computer cables, flash drives, external hard drives, printer cartridges, computer paper, and various offices supplies, are all available.

Designated as “essential,” Technician X has remained open throughout the virus. All safety precautions remain in place and are carefully controlled.

Many customers, who are all ages and levels of computer knowledge, are loyal supporters of Technician X and come from the Princeton-Skillman area and beyond.

“We are so glad to have our longtime customers,” says Allison, “and we are also very happy to be getting new ones all the time. I enjoy meeting them and spending time getting to know them.”

Technological Adventure

As they look ahead, Chris and Allison Rush know that customer service and customer satisfaction remain their number one priority, as the technological adventure continues. They also appreciate their good fortune to be in a business, that while technologically driven, allows them to keep their bricks and mortar establishment thriving.

“We feel very lucky to be positioned in an industry that has largely weathered the pandemic because we have been in demand,” points out Chris. “Computers and technology are more important than ever in this COVID world, and we feel very fortunate to be able to provide a valuable service to the community that has filled a need and allowed us to survive.

“I am looking forward to meeting new challenges and adapting to the ever-shifting landscape,” he continues. “Business and home needs will undoubtedly continue to change as time goes on, and learning about emerging technologies and how to implement them to improve the lives of our customers is exciting and motivates me.”

Technician X is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (609) 681-1120. Website: www.technicianx.com.