December 23, 2020

Expressing Gratitude for Affordable Housing Guidance From the Late Christy Peacock

To the Editor:

I noted, with sadness, the recent passing of Anna Christy Peacock, the retired affordable housing coordinator for Princeton Township. I first met Christy in 1997 when I applied for affordable housing following a pair of layoffs and a divorce. I was in dire financial straits and the prospect of being homeless, or at least in desperate housing circumstances, was a distinct possibility. She shepherded me through the process and I am confident that I would not have received approval without her knowledgeable, patient guidance.

That affordable housing experience was the foundation for the success and comfort I have achieved since then, and I have Christy to thank for that opportunity. She helped countless others in the same way, and all of us, especially the municipality of Princeton, owe her a debt of gratitude. She made Princeton, and the world, a better place and she will be missed.

John Rounds
Eldridge Avenue, Lawrenceville