December 16, 2020

Tuck-Ponder Thanks Voters for Support of Re-Election to BOE

To the Editor:

Before the slogan “It takes a village…” became popular, my mother lived those words. After working the night shift at Nabisco, she would drive around, picking up children and making sure that they made it to school. She would appear on behalf of students whose parents couldn’t or wouldn’t attend parent teacher conferences, and was a fierce advocate for kids all over town.

I am guided and inspired by my mother’s commitment to ensuring that ALL children have support and an equitable chance to succeed in school. Princeton voters’ support of my re-election to the Princeton Board of Education will allow me to continue critical work of making sure that of our children are equipped to pursue lives of joy and purpose.

Make no mistake — COVID-19 has made a difficult job even more challenging.  We are asking so much more of our children, our teachers, and our staff.  But I am confident that, along with my Board colleagues and our interim Superintendent, that we will succeed in overcoming these obstacles.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our community, for the betterment of everyone. I am grateful for your support.

Happy Holidays.

Michele Tuck-Ponder
Laurel Circle