December 16, 2020

Suggesting Witherspoon Should be Pedestrian Plaza During Dinner Hours and on Weekends

To the Editor:

When I was a student at PHS, I loved going to the Small World after school and sitting in the cool parklet, sipping a coffee, talking with friends, and watching the cars go by. I’ve continued to do this even after high school (before COVID-19), as I’m a student at Rutgers now and come home often. Once we’re past the pandemic, I hope that Witherspoon Street will be a pedestrian street where you can enjoy eating a full meal outside; I would give up the car-watching for that.

This stretch of Witherspoon Street is not necessary to get anywhere. On the contrary, it is a destination in itself. I feel the potential for expanding the restaurant and retail area during high-volume hours is enormous. To me, it is worth the few extra minutes to drive around the block to one of the parking garages. I hope Princeton Council will make Witherspoon Street a pedestrian plaza during dinner hours and on weekends.

Spencer Marks
Howe Circle