November 11, 2020

Traditional Mexican Stories In State Theatre Family Show

MEXICAN TRADITION: “Sugar Skull! A Virtual Día de Muertos Adventure” tells traditional stories, for children and families, inspired by the Day of the Dead. 

State Theatre New Jersey is presenting Sugar Skull! A Virtual Día de Muertos Adventure through Sunday, November 15. A minimum donation of $15 gives patrons access to this virtual show.

The theatrical performance for children and families elaborates on traditional Mexican stories, music, and celebrations pertaining to the Day of the Dead. The performance begins by introducing 12-year-old Vita Flores, who is confused on why parties are being thrown for the dead. Then, a candy skeleton, Sugar Skull, comes to life and takes Vita on a musical journey to understand where Día de Muertos comes from and its true meaning.

On her journey, Vita and Sugar Skull befriend ancient ancestors, learn authentic songs, and meet the fabulous Catrina Calavera. In the end, the Day of the Dead is shown to be much more than a party but rather a celebration of life.

The play was originally created and developed by Rhythm of the Arts,  Gregory Van Acker, Sinuhe Padilla, and Elena Araoz with Mexico Beyond Mariachi. Rhythm of the Arts is a performing arts company that prioritizes a platform for cultural performances. The overall mission is to provide a production agency to celebrate and incorporate tradition and culture storytelling and musical performances. Mexico Beyond Mariachi is a group of professional artists who lead Mexican performance and education programs throughout the U.S.  

To donate and watch Sugar Skull, go to