October 28, 2020

Supporting Behrend’s Re-election to BOE for Accomplishments, Character

To the Editor:

My husband and I would like to go on record for our wholehearted support of Beth Behrend’s re-election to the Board of Education.

Serving on the Board and as Board president, Beth’s accomplishments are numerous: the budget moving from deficit to surplus, talented new hires, schools ranking No. 1 for the past two years … the list could go on.

However, beyond these many accomplishments, my husband and I want to speak to Beth’s character, to who she is as a person, to what she stands for. In our years of knowing and observing Beth in the community as well as church, we have been consistently taken by her intelligence, her sound judgment, her poise, her equanimity, and her unwavering commitment to children (beginning with her own) and the importance of education. For us, it is someone of Beth’s character that can be trusted.

We trust that Beth will only and always do what’s best for our children and our community. Please support Beth’s re-election to the Princeton Board of Education on November 3.

Harriet and Joseph Anzek
State Road