October 28, 2020

Durbin is Deeply Committed to Helping Schools, Community Be Best They Can Be

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Jean Durbin’s candidacy for the Board of Education, and I urge those of you who have not yet voted to support Jean, Column L at the bottom of the ballot.

I first became friendly with Jean through common political causes and then through deeper work together on the executive board of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization and on the Princeton Civil Rights Commission.

Jean is now my friend because I know her to be authentic, intelligent, kind, and committed to fostering goodness in our community. She is never quick to judge, and always strives to see an issue from all sides. Through all our interactions, Jean has impressed me as someone who is highly effective, cares deeply about people, and has a strong commitment to equity.

I think Jean’s skills as a lawyer and former social worker will also really benefit the Board of Education, and her collaborative nature will be a true asset. Jean is not only thoughtful and analytical, but she is also a warm person, and deeply committed to helping our schools and community be the best they can be. I wholeheartedly endorse Jean Durbin for Board of Education, and hope you will vote for her.

Afsheen Shamsi
William Paterson Court