October 21, 2020

Durbin Will Fight for Causes That Make Community Stronger, Better Together

To the Editor:

We are so excited that Jean Durbin is running for School Board. We first got to know Jean when our son Phillip was in Little League and Jim was a coach. I wasn’t usually able to sit with other parents at games because I was typically watching our oldest son Jimmy, who has autism and doesn’t like to sit for very long. 

Well one day at Farmview, Jean started talking with me near the bleachers. As I answered, Jimmy walked away and I said, “talk to you later.” And Jean just said, “I’ll walk with you.”

And we had that conversation as we followed Jimmy through Farmview. 

For the parents of a child with special needs, this seemingly small gesture meant so much. It said: “I’ll go there with you — I want to hear what you have to say — I’ll walk in your shoes.” We haven’t forgotten.

Since then we’ve seen Jean in action as president of the PCDO and know how hard she will work to fight for causes that make our community stronger and better together. We wholeheartedly endorse Jean for School Board this fall. 

Mary Phillipuk
Jim Christy
Leigh Avenue