October 21, 2020

BOE Candidate Durbin Will Work to Build Consensus and Solve Problems

To the Editor:

I support Jean Durbin for the Board of Education. Yes, Jean is a smart, compassionate, and thoughtful leader whose approach is collaborative not confrontational. Yes, she’s trained as a social worker and a lawyer. And this combination of empathetic listening and understanding the intricacies of contracts and regulations are necessary skills, but they are not sufficient. What the Board of Education needs are members who will work to build consensus and solve problems.

I met Jean when we were parent volunteers at Littlebrook School. She was a parent who cared deeply about other people’s children. She never maligned other parents or administrators and always worked to find solutions to problems, rather than looking for someone to blame when something needed fixing.

When we found ourselves volunteers with the PCDO, Jean was a measured and collaborative leader, who rose above personal disagreements to lead the organization forward with a common goal. The Board of Education needs adults like Jean Durbin. I hope she has your vote too.

Caroline A. Cleaves
Edgehill Street