October 14, 2020

Candidate Durbin Has Vision to Make Community a Better Place For Everyone

To the Editor:

We are writing a letter of support to endorse Jean Durbin for election to the Princeton Board of Education. My husband and I have only been in Princeton for six years, and we don’t have children yet, but we understand the importance of this race. Good schools translate to good communities, and a School Board member has a direct role in shaping the future of what Princeton Public Schools and the municipality will look like. We strongly believe Jean Durbin has the vision to make our community a better place for everyone.

As members of the LGBTQ+ community, we look for someone that can speak on our behalf and look at issues through the lens of our community. I [Nick] see it first-hand as a fellow commissioner on Princeton’s Civil Rights Commission. I trust that if Jean has any questions or concerns on policy issues pertaining to LGBTQ+ youth, she will seek input from community members like ourselves.

As community volunteers, we know that Jean is well-prepared for the role. Jean is the type of person that you wish would run for office, and we were elated when we heard the announcement. We first met Jean when she was president of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO), and have since volunteered alongside her for campaigns for local representatives. Simply put, Jean shows up when help is needed, and this School Board race is a great example of her lending a hand to the community.

We believe that Jean can unite the Board and make real progress on matters of equity, responsibility, and infrastructure. From the top of the ballot to the bottom, every choice is significant and should be treated with equal consideration. Local politics matter, and this is one of many important choices that will be on the ballot this November. I hope that voters in Princeton, regardless of their time spent here or connection to the Public Schools, listen to our endorsement for Jean Durbin.

Nick Di Domizio and Robert Pagels
Nassau Street