October 7, 2020

Stephanie Chorney Was a Champion For Sustainability, Wellness, Schools, Community

To the Editor:

Princeton lost our leading sustainability and wellness champion when Stephanie Chorney passed away after a brave struggle with cancer.

An incredibly supportive role model for so many of us in her relentless efforts to make our school district a better place for our kids, teachers, and staff, Stephanie was leading the sustainability and wellness charge back in the day when those issues weren’t even on most people’s radars as important topics that needed to be addressed.

She was a tireless champion and an outspoken advocate for policy change and common-sense initiatives that we could all do to benefit our district and community at large. From waste reduction and composting to improving the food in our cafeterias and making our school gardens an important aspect of the curriculum, Stephanie’s fearlessness, uncompromising honesty, and ability to rally people to come together helped everyone she knew to work harder and be stronger advocates themselves.

As a driving force for positive change in our district, she inspired countless volunteers, and she made all of us better because of her passion and selfless actions. She will be sorely missed but would want us all to continue to work together to make our schools and community healthier and more sustainable.

Sandra Moskovitz
Hamilton Avenue