October 7, 2020

BOE Candidate Jean Durbin is Dedicated Proponent of Equity in School System

To the Editor:

As a parent with children attending both Princeton Charter School and Princeton High School, I am writing this letter to support Jean Durbin (Column L) for the Board of Education.

Simply put, Jean Durbin represents everything that’s good about Princeton and you should vote for her.

I’ve known Jean for over a decade. Of course, Jean is highly intelligent and capable. She has the intellectual and emotional balance of someone possessing both social work and law degrees, and has generously volunteered her time and experience by serving as PTO co-president at Littlebrook, president of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization, on the Civil Rights Commission, as a fixture at Princeton Little League, and more.

But Jean actually has skin in the game because she has children attending Princeton Public Schools!

Who else better to represent parents in determining how to deal with both immediate and long-term effects of COVID in the schools, hiring the next superintendent, overcrowded conditions, and facilities in need of immediate repair?

Moreover, Jean is a dedicated proponent of equity in our school system. She recognizes that our public schools must continue to challenge and provide opportunities for all of our students, from those most in need of assistance, to those in the middle, and to those who excel. Why is no one else talking about this last point?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had all of the money in the world to educate our children? We don’t, and Jean is fully aware of that. She will be a responsible steward of our tax dollars, guard against unnecessary and unreasonable expenditures, and help to maintain property values due to her ongoing efforts at improvement in our school system.

While a member of Princeton’s Board of Education does not dictate state or federal policy, I think Jean would be a welcome representative in that arena as well. For the time being however, we should all be grateful to have Jean volunteering to serve us locally on the Board of Education. Please vote for Jean Durbin (Column L) in this election.

Harlan Tenenbaum
Spruce Street