September 16, 2020

Durbin’s Community Roles Demonstrate Ability To Listen and Work Collaboratively, Creatively

To the Editor:

As a fellow Princeton resident, my family and I have known Jean Durbin and her family for almost 15 years. Through the years, we have seen Jean’s strong commitment and service to our community. She has served our community in many different roles, either as a leader or a team member: Littlebrook PTO co-president, Princeton Little League, YMCA, Princeton Education Foundation, the Princeton Community Democratic Organization, and others.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Jean as a co-chair for the Princeton Education Foundation Gala. I witnessed the tremendous passion and commitment that Jean has for our children and schools. As a Princeton Public Schools parent, she truly understands our experiences along with the gaps in resources and funding in our school district. Jean was a key factor in mobilizing our community to participate in our Gala committee and event, which resulted in over $70K in funds raised for our schools. Jean and I worked well as a team and I appreciated her thoughtful, organized approach to our work together.

Jean’s past community roles clearly demonstrate her ability to listen and work collaboratively and creatively. She brings an optimal mix of professional and volunteer experiences to address the challenges that our schools are facing, including educating our children during a global pandemic and addressing injustices rooted in structural racism. Jean’s work with the Princeton Civil Rights Commission and her years of championing for those who have been historically disenfranchised or marginalized will serve her well as a Princeton Board of Education member. 

Jean understands that we face projected budget shortfalls stemming from the economic crisis, and she is prepared to work as part of a team to address this challenge. She will bring deep experience, strength, and commitment to the Board of Education to help foster innovative problem solving to support the success of all our children. She will work to ensure that all our children have the opportunities and tools to live lives of joy and purpose and become knowledgeable, successful, and compassionate individuals.

Please join me in voting for Jean Durbin (Column L) for the Princeton Board of Education.

G. Normandin
Crooked Tree Lane