September 16, 2020

Asking Princeton to Reopen River Road Convenience Center For Residents’ Use

To the Editor:

With Mercer County’s mid-September hazardous and electronic recycling days coming up, wouldn’t it be excellent if Princeton reopened its River Road Convenience Center again? The facility closed due to corruption by one or two Sewer Operating Committee employees and illegal dumping of hazardous waste at the site by a contractor.

Prior to this, however, SOC had already moved its two dumpsters for Princeton residents’ use (after purchase of the necessary coupon) to the front of the site, near River Road. This new location may not be in the area affected by the illegally dumped waste. Why can’t the town re-open the Center? I  am surely not the only one still with coupons and plenty of stuff to throw out. When will Princeton give us back our dump?

Robert Milevski
Mount Lucas Road