September 9, 2020

Durbin Brings Mix of Experiences, Strengths to Address Challenges Facing Princeton Schools

To the Editor:

I have worked closely with Jean Durbin in her role as president of the PCDO (Princeton Democrats). She is both strong and collaborative, not shy about sharing her own ideas, but always open to others’ input. She is incisive and gets the big picture; when analyzing tough issues, she has a good sense of what questions need to be asked and who needs to be included in answering them. Jean is modest and never seeks the spotlight, but serves for the good of the community. 

Jean brings an ideal mix of experiences and strengths to address the unique challenges facing Princeton schools in this time of COVID, growth, and the quest for racial literacy and equity. Professionally her roles have included law, policy development, contract management, and social work.  She has also volunteered to lead and serve in several school organizations, the Princeton Civil Rights Commission, Princeton Little League, and more. As a parent, she adds personal experience to her public commitment to education in our community.

Jean’s unique qualities and experience will serve us well on the Board of Education; I hope you will join me in voting for Jean Durbin this fall.

Liz Cohen
Terhune Road