September 2, 2020

Seuls en Scène Festival Presented by Lewis Center

FRENCH FESTIVAL: The cast of “La dispute” from the recorded live performance that is part of Seuls en Scène online, September 10-20. (Photo by Yohanne Lamoulere/Tendance floue)

Seuls en Scène, the French theater festival featuring renowned and emerging French writers, actors, and directors, goes online for this season with 12 events September 10-20.

Presented by Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts, the festival includes recordings of live performances of contemporary works recently presented on stages in France, several performed in French with English subtitles; recorded readings; and conversations with artists, live on Zoom, and on the current state of theater in France.

Seuls en Scène ushers in the 20th season of L’Avant-Scène, a French theater troupe of Princeton students. It also celebrates professional theatrical achievements from the past year. Many of the artists are prominent contributors to contemporary theater in France. The festival is organized by Florent Masse, senior lecturer in the Department of French and Italian and artistic director of L’Avant-Scène.

Tickets are free and open to the public, but registration is necessary at for the live conversations with artists on Zoom.