September 2, 2020

Durbin Works Hard for Community, has Demonstrated She is a True Leader

To the Editor:

We are writing to you to voice our complete support for Jean Durbin for the Princeton Board of Education. We first met Jean when our son, Jonathan Tao, started to play Princeton Little League baseball. Over the years, we have watched her working so hard for the community and for our children. While our sons play ball, she makes sure our boys treat each other right, be responsible, and be brave.

During our son’s Cooperstown Little League baseball tournament in the summer of 2017, Jean organized and created the opportunity for the boys to sell cookies to earn the money for the trip. She organized to rent a big classical house for families to share, and the trip brought all the families closer. The trip was not only successful, but also created a lifelong memory for us to cherish.

Throughout the years, Jean has not only shown that she is a very caring person, she has also demonstrated that she is a true leader. We could not be happier that Jean, at this critical time, comes out and is willing to bring her qualifications and skills to make a difference in our children’s education and future.

We fully endorse Jean.

Xue Shirley Li and Dali Tao
Montadale Drive