July 29, 2020

Requesting That Area Young People Distance Themselves, Wear Masks

To the Editor:

I live in Princeton a few blocks from Nassau Street and walk or bike around town just about every day. While I am very happy that we have a lot of outdoor dining options which will hopefully help keep these restaurants afloat, I am frustrated by the frequent sight of people between the ages of 18 and 25 who appear not to distance themselves and do not wear masks.

I know that I am sounding very old when I say this, but that is what I encounter all too often, by people who should know better. People in that age group feel invincible, but we are now starting see a lot of infected people under the age of 40. They are not invincible. An even if they were, the people they pass in the street are not, their parents are not, and their grandparents are not.

People between 18-25 in this area are usually progressive and forward thinking, which makes this behavior even more difficult to understand. So my message to them is to please distance themselves and please wear masks.

Stuart Lieberman
Western Way