July 29, 2020

Noting That There is No “Away” To Throw Our Waste and Recycling

To the Editor:

Good morning to Janet Heroux [“Wondering Why Leaf Blowing is Allowed When There Are No Leaves on the Ground,” Mailbox, July 22]. I too would rather not hear, or breathe the dust from leaf blowers: commercial and residential. Often the debris is just blown into the street or “away” from the current property. Mulching bags and rakes are less polluting and energy wise options.

Princeton is unique with our regular municipal brush and leaf pick up. It would be helpful to bikers and walkers, especially as more of us are getting our exercise close to home, if people would observe the dates for collection and not fill the streets with items to be picked up days and weeks before scheduled pick up dates (princetonnj.gov/resources/yardwaste).

Recycling, too has ways to be better at removing the unwanted! Complete instructions are easy to find mcianj.org.

We are fortunate to live where our government and environmental organizations are trying to deal with waste of all sorts responsibly. It is more successful when we all pitch in and do our part.

Kathryn Weidener
Moore Street