July 22, 2020

Young Residents Would Like Town to Add Signs, Speed Bumps on John Street

To the Editor: 

We are Collin, Harper, and Ryan, fourth and fifth graders who live on John Street. As children, we definitely support the Slow Streets plan because cars come speeding down our street carelessly every single day and it is very dangerous. As we are writing this, we are witnessing many speeding cars come down the street. But, in addition to making our street a Slow Street, we would like the township to consider adding signs and speed bumps. 

We would like more visible signs on John Street that signify the current speed limit, which is 20 miles per hour, and that it is a one-way street. Currently, there are not many signs that indicate clearly the speed limit. The ones that are visible are very far down the street. Placing these signs on John Street will not take up a lot of space and will be cost efficient. Adding these signs would make the street safer for children and adults both in and out of Princeton. 

We would especially like speed bumps on our street since people can easily ignore the signs. Our street currently has only one set of speed bumps, but it is very far down the street and does not prevent cars from speeding down the beginning and middle of the street. And while we love seeing our beloved Princeton police patrolling the street, speed bumps would make their jobs a lot easier. As we love being able to walk into town, cross the street to go to the YMCA playground, walk to our friends’ houses, and go to our bus stops and back, speed bumps would make it a lot safer. 

The speeding cars are a hazard to us children and, though we love our town, street, and neighbors, signs and especially speed bumps, would improve John Street so much. Please consider these two suggestions! 

Harper Stanley
Collin Little
Ryan Masiuk
John Street