July 22, 2020

Wondering Why Leaf Blowing is Allowed When There Are No Leaves on the Ground

To the Editor:

I live on Terhune Road. There is a large and empty office park behind me. At 8 a.m. this morning, a lawn mowing crew began their mowing back there. Then the leaf blowing. Then more lawn mowing, then more leaf blowing. It is now 2 p.m. and they are still running their machines. We have been hearing the noise of those machines now for six hours on a beautiful Saturday morning. 

There is no one back there. Why do the lawns need mowing more than once per week, let alone leaf blowing when there are no leaves on the ground?

Why is there no ordinance in this town against commercial leaf blowers during periods when there are no leaves on the ground?  Why doesn’t the town force these companies to use mulching baskets, and, if they must sweep up traces of grass on the streets and parking lots all around them, rakes and brooms?

Leaf blowers from commercial companies are a pestilence. Why are we so impotent in the face of this obnoxious, smelly, and completely unnecessary noise? 

Janet Heroux
Terhune Road