July 22, 2020

Princeton Community Housing Applauds Actions on Affordable Housing Ordinances

To the Editor:

On Monday, July 13, the Princeton Council voted to adopt and introduce several ordinances that will enable the development of much needed affordable housing opportunities in Princeton. Princeton Community Housing applauds the Council’s actions and supports these ordinances, which have the potential to provide housing opportunities for the more than 1,700 very low-, low-, and moderate-income households on our own and other waiting lists in Princeton. 

As several residents and other attendees expressed in comments during the meeting, a stable home in a town like Princeton significantly improved the trajectory of their lives. Mayor Lempert acknowledged that where one lives profoundly impacts one’s future. 

One of the ordinances adopted will allow Princeton Community Housing to proceed with our plan to build 25 new affordable rental apartments at Princeton Community Village. We are excited to move forward with these new affordable family homes, and within the next few months will submit final plans developed in consultation with our residents and the municipality.

Other recent ordinances will allow for the weaving of affordable housing into existing neighborhoods and encourage mixed-income development. Taken together, these zoning changes provide the foundation for Princeton to provide its share of the regional need for affordable homes and a range of market rate homes. 

Communication and collaboration with our residents and the community have been fundamental in our ability to successfully develop and manage close to 500 affordable rental homes in Princeton over the past 53 years. As development plans move forward, we stand ready to contribute to what we expect to be robust and earnest community dialogue. Working together, we must remember that equity and smart growth are the bases for these ordinances and the guiding principles for our shared vision of a 21st century Princeton.

Alice K. Small
President, PCH Development Corp. Board of Trustees

Valerie W. Haynes
President, PCH Community Board of Trustees