July 1, 2020

Shaw Has What It Takes to Serve Everyone in Community

To the Editor:

I am publicly expressing my support for Dina Shaw for Princeton Council.

I have personally known Dina since first meeting her at Littlebrook, where she was very active in PTO leadership, and created after school clubs available to all kids, no matter their background or ability to pay fees. She took this leadership to JW where she strengthened the PTO and saved one of the biggest fundraising events in Princeton Public Schools, Super Saturday. While she was doing this for our school community, she was also a hardworking businesswoman, which comes out in her dedication, strength, and ability to get results. When she’s working on a project, Dina wants everyone involved; you ask her a question and she comes back with an answer. She doesn’t mind being in the fire and is eager to learn from everybody.

Dina has dedicated herself to her campaign and reached out to voters during this difficult time, especially black voters in Princeton, who historically do not receive consistent attention and support. She has walked the streets talking with people, hearing about a lot of concerns, including affordable housing, and how families who’ve been here for generations cannot afford to live in our community.

Dina will hold herself, and the Council, accountable, and she will go the mile to benefit all of Princeton — not just one part of town. More than ever Princeton needs these qualities in leadership. I welcome her as a strong candidate who has what it takes to serve everyone in our community, and that’s why Dina Shaw is my candidate for Princeton Council. 

Joanne Parker
Leigh Avenue