July 1, 2020

Noting that Fraga Has Worked to Expand Human Rights, Inclusiveness

To the Editor:

I write in strong support of Leticia Fraga who is seeking a second term as member of the Princeton City Council. I can’t think of anyone better qualified, in terms of character and temperament, to advance a progressive agenda for our city.  Leticia has worked hard to expand human rights and inclusiveness in Princeton. She has shown courage and persistence when supporting some of our most vulnerable residents: older Americans, low-income people, and recently-arrived immigrants.

I know from personal experience how loyal, dedicated, and effective Leticia can be. As chair of the Board of Trustees of the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund (LALDEF), I have seen the care and imagination with which she has treated new Americans.  It was her idea to hold “Loterías” (Spanish Bingo) bringing together neighbors — immigrants as well as long-time residents — to enjoy each other’s company in homes and other venues, including the YWCA and the Princeton Art Museum.  Thanks to her indefatigable advocacy, prizes were donated by our business community for families participating in the events. To see people from different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and financial capacities interacting with one another in a cordial atmosphere was to glimpse into a world of reason, kindness, and hospitality. Leticia made that possible.

We need people like Leticia in these times of confusion and discomfort. She will provide much needed leadership. I am proud to know her as a friend and colleague. Princeton, a city I love, is better for her efforts. I trust that many will lend her support.

Patricia Fernández-Kelly
Mason Drive