July 1, 2020

Former Borough Mayor Writes In Support of Leticia Fraga

To the Editor:

When deciding to vote for a candidate for any office, I make an assessment of their demonstrated values, the positions that they have actively taken over time, and their accomplishments. I tend to go on what is a known quantity based on a candidate’s engagement, knowledge, substance, consistency, and effectiveness. Leticia Fraga is just that candidate.

When asked to respond, Councilwoman Leticia Fraga offers suggestions and actively seeks solutions. She is sincerely interested in the entire community, but also has a unique sensitivity to those who meet the challenges of survival on a daily basis. 

It is both timely and significant that Leticia, as the first Latinx member of Council, is also Princeton’s police commissioner and liaison to the Civil Rights Commission. Her work with local events, in coordination with the Police Department, has facilitated meaningful and respectful community relationships. Because of her professional experience, she brings the same connectivity to her work with the Human Services Commission and the Board of Health. 

I have been particularly impressed by Councilwoman Fraga’s leadership on the development of a downtown parking program that considers the impacts to the residential neighborhoods, as well as the needs of downtown employers. Relevant to that effort is her membership on the Economic Development and Public Safety Committees. Through her hands-on approach and by doing the research, she has been able to generate some options that address both parties — to their mutual benefit.  

Leticia is not only clear on her positions, she acts on the things she commits to. As an incumbent candidate, her positions and voting record is thoughtful, well-founded, and consistent. Her active engagement, performance, execution, and results in public service makes Leticia a real powerhouse!

Therefore, I will be mailing my ballot (or going to the polls on July 7) to vote for Leticia Fraga for Princeton Council in the best interest of our entire community. I ask that you do the same.

Yina Moore
Former Mayor, Princeton Borough
Green Street