June 17, 2020

Supporting Re-Election of Council Members Cohen and Fraga for Continuity

To the Editor:

At this point, it’s just under three weeks until the primary on July 7 (and you may have already gotten your vote by mail ballot). There are three candidates for two positions on the Princeton town Council. All three have strong supporters who have shared, on these pages and elsewhere, the skills and experience each of them have to offer if elected. In an ordinary year we assess candidates, often influenced by the opinions of friends and neighbors, and our feelings about the issues each candidate highlights and the problems they propose to solve. This is not an ordinary year. What strikes me about this one is the way in which the Council has pulled together as a group and addressed the many issues they expected to face, in the midst of a pandemic, and providing leadership while learning to conduct the business of the town  in an entirely different way.

For me this is a strong argument for re-electing the incumbent Council members,  David Cohen and Leticia Fraga. In addition to what they individually have to offer, they have been working through this unique time effectively with others on Council. When there is competence and collaboration, sometimes what we need most is continuity. This is one of those times.

Eve Coulson
Russell Road