June 17, 2020

Shaw is an Innovative Leader; Offers a Fresh Voice to Council

To the Editor:

We have known Dina Shaw for close to two decades and wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for Princeton Council. Whether in the capacity of PTO President for Littlebrook Elementary School or JW Middle School, or in a board position at The Jewish Center, Dina has proven herself to be an innovative leader who has never wavered from tough decisions. While PTO President for Littlebrook she saw a need for, and implemented, a slate of after-school programming which continues to be extremely popular with children and fulfills a vital need for parents. In addition, while PTO President at John Witherspoon Middle School, she helped develop new and creative fundraising solutions, including reconstructing the dues collection process and designing sponsorship opportunities for local businesses which significantly increased the funds available for PTO activities.

Due to Dina’s extensive involvement in the Princeton community, we have seen her network expand significantly over the years and believe that this will make her an informed contributor to the Council should she be elected. Further, her approachable and inclusive style encourages diverse viewpoints. Dina offers a fresh voice to enrich the Princeton Council, with new ideas that are grounded by the long-standing principles we value such as education, smart planning for our community to maintain its unique character that we cherish, and support for a vibrant central business district that serves our needs.

Above all, we believe that Dina’s track record has clearly demonstrated a commitment to collaborative dialogue, timely involvement, and pragmatic action that will prove invaluable to address the challenges that lie ahead for our community. She is a doer, a people person, and is not afraid to try new things. Dina’s candor, creativity, and resourcefulness will ensure that the difficult decisions to come will be tested through transparent and thoughtful debate. In short, we are confident that Dina’s service on the Princeton Council will help provide the leadership that our community needs to effectively navigate these evolving times. Please vote for Dina Shaw for Princeton Council on your mail-in ballot.

Nicole And Jeff Bergman
Dodds Lane

Lee And Steve Yonish
Turner Court