June 17, 2020

Cohen and Fraga Bring Essential Skills, Experience, and Focus to Council

To the Editor:

With the July 7th primary election right around the corner, I am writing to support the re-election of my colleagues David Cohen and Leticia Fraga for Princeton Council.

With so many urgent needs in our community right now, the outcome of this race is critical. David and Leticia bring essential skills, experience, and focus to our Council — and their re-election will assure the successful continuation of key initiatives and goals.

David brings a wealth of experience as an architect and planner and plays an essential role in anchoring our work on new affordable housing as well as commercial development to bring in tax revenue. David is Council liaison to the Planning Board, all of the Affordable Housing subcommittees, the Code Harmonization and Master Planning committees, as well as IT, Budget, Personnel, the Bike Advisory committees, and to the Climate Action Plan. I share David’s emphasis on smart growth and sustainability.

Leticia’s unwavering commitment to our minority and underserved populations is daily manifest in her work on the Civil Rights Commission, and as liaison to the Board of Health and to the Human Services Board. I look to her for guidance and leadership in these areas. Now more than ever, her input is critical to guiding us through these difficult times and ensuring that the needs of our diverse community are prioritized in all of our work on Council.

The amount of work Council members and the mayor face daily is staggering. We succeed or fail based on our ability to work well together as a group. Currently our respective members possess a remarkably broad and balanced grounding in our respective areas of expertise. We have come together quickly to work as a strong and collaborative team for our community and have risen to confront the unexpected challenges now confronting our town. We don’t always agree, but our work is informed by tremendous mutual respect and enthusiastic collaboration.

I urge you to join me in supporting David and Leticia for re-election in July.

Michelle Pirone Lambros
Stuart Road East