May 27, 2020

Noting That Many People Are Not Wearing Masks, Not a Time to Relax Vigilance

To the Editor,

To echo Alice K. Small’s letter in the May 20 edition of Town Topics, during my walk today, Friday, May 22, around the Riverside area and along Prospect Avenue to the University campus, I counted 71 people out and about and not in vehicles. Of these, 12 (17 percent) wore masks. The CDC’s guidance, reinforced by Governor Murphy, is that “You should wear a face covering whenever you leave your home.”

According to an analysis in the New York Times (The Upshot, May 22), Mercer County had the third highest number of new deaths per capita in the U.S. over the previous two weeks and the fifth highest per capita cumulative confirmed deaths. This is not a time for anyone to relax vigilance or to place neighbors in jeopardy.

Bernard Abramson
Prince William Court