May 13, 2020

Noting How Beneficial Organizations Have Been to Princeton Residents in Need

To the Editor:

I am writing to let your readers know how beneficial two Princeton organizations have been to this resident who lives on the Great Road, which is not served by NJ Transit, and whose residents, before COVID-19 arrived, relied totally on the freeB bus to get into town or to the Princeton Shopping Center. The freeB bus has not been running for the past six weeks, so residents have had to piece together other means of accessing necessities which can be delivered to their homes.

Princeton has been extraordinarily active and generous in providing a number of organizations dedicated to helping other residents in need of food, pharmaceuticals, and more. One of these is Share My Meals, which is co-sponsored by Isabelle Lambotte, her team, and a board supporting their efforts. Share My Meals delivers over 200 fully-prepared meals daily to Princeton families who, owing to the pandemic, no longer have adequate financial resources to purchase basic necessities or, like myself, are without transportation to access the markets to purchase them.

Share My Meals has distinguished itself from other similar organizations delivering meals to area residents by asking well-known Princeton restaurants, like Terra Momo, to donate a number of meals daily to a growing list of people who will be able to benefit from their generosity.

The other endeavor, Sew Many Masks, is supported by the Arts Council of Princeton. Having just run though all my medical masks, I am the fortunate beneficiary of two beautiful cloth masks produced by gifted designers in a striking mélange of colorful materials. Thanks to its volunteers, Sew Many Masks is now getting ready for its eighth day of distribution.

Princeton can indeed be proud of all the volunteers and businesses giving so generously of their time, meals, and unique skills, when they are most needed.

Libby Zinman Schwartz 
Elm Road