April 22, 2020

Princeton Symphony Orchestra Invites Creative Expression

“BE INSPIRED”: A performance of Dvorak’s Symphony No. 8, performed by the Princeton Symphony Orchestra, could be the inspiration for art, poetry, or prose in the orchestra’s “Be Inspired” online activity.

The Princeton Symphony Orchestra (PSO) invites the greater Princeton community and friends worldwide to listen to its music, then respond creatively, tapping into the poet, painter, and writer within.

As outlined on the orchestra’s latest online activity page “Be Inspired,” (princetonsymphony.org/home-pso/be-inspired) visitors can listen to one of the PSO’s weekly featured recordings, consider the emotional impact of the music, and let it lead to an outward expression of feelings or memory it evokes. If desired, participants can send in their art, poetry, and/or prose for possible publication on the webpage and/or as a post on social media.

“Anyone anywhere can participate. There are no age or location requirements,” said PSO Executive Director Marc Uys. “One of the truly incredible things about the music we all love is its ability to elicit an emotional response, usually unique to each of us because of our individual histories. Sharing these personal responses expressed through other media is a wonderful way to enrich each other’s experience of the same music, and a way for us to connect during this time of isolation.”

There are no deadlines or fees for entry, and the orchestra stresses that this is not a contest, but a way of celebrating the interconnectedness of the arts and the resiliency of the creative spirit. Completed works in formats of JPEG, PNG, PDFs, and Word documents can be sent in to the PSO’s general email address: info@princetonsymphony.org.

Online activities are detailed at the orchestra’s new “At Home with the PSO” (princetonsymphony.org/home-pso) which includes recordings, recipes, a virtual gallery, photo albums, and more with fresh ideas added weekly.