April 8, 2020

Friends of Princeton Open Space Emphasize Importance of Observing Rules

To the Editor:

We at Friends of Princeton Open Space are sorry we have had to cancel our events through the summer, but we are happy that so many of you have chosen to come to the Mountain Lakes open space area for exercise and mental solace during this difficult time. At the same time, we want to remind everyone of the importance of observing rules that keep us safe.

When you come to the park, please be careful to maintain social distancing at all times, and to keep your dogs leashed. A six-foot minimum from other people is mandated by Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 107. Please announce yourself if you are overtaking other walkers from behind so they can move out of your way. Allowing dogs off-leash is not only contrary to Princeton ordinance and the conservation easement we hold, but can set up situations where it is impossible to maintain the appropriate separation. The same rules apply to other parks we help maintain such as Woodfield Reservation, or the Stony Brook Trail.

Most, if not all, of these other parks have trails of a width that makes appropriate social distancing difficult if not impossible, so they are best suited to solitary walks or runs. Please consider, though, that even if you are on your own, you will likely encounter other people on a nice day and may need to move off-trail to maintain the necessary distance. Again, if you are running, please stop and announce yourself to others you are overtaking or even approaching.

We are a community that is pulling together and that cares about each other, and that needs to be true when we are enjoying the well-known benefits of being outdoors as well as at all other times.

We look forward to better times to come when we can interact with you in person at one of our events at the Mountain Lakes House.

Wendy Mager
President, Friends of Princeton Open Space