March 25, 2020

Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center Helps Develop Communication and Social Skills

CLEAR COMMUNICATION: “We are very encouraged with our ability to help people. We really try to be as personal as we can be to reach every individual. Each person is very important to us. We don’t believe that the ‘one size fits all’ approach works, so we tailor our therapies to maximize each individual’s strengths to overcome his or her challenges.” Carole Drury, left, director of business operations, and Marcie C. Fountaine, M.S., CCC-SLP, clinical director of Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center, look forward to helping more people improve their communication skills.

By Jean Stratton

Saying it plainly, expressing yourself clearly — in a word, communicating. The basis of our daily interaction with others, and the source of so many problems when it goes wrong.

Helping those with speech, language, and learning disorders is the specialty of Princeton Speech-Language & Learning Center (PSLLC), newly located at 615 Executive Drive in Montgomery Commons.

Founded in 1985 by Terri Rossman, it is now owned by Clinical Director Marcie C. Fountaine, M.S., CCC-SLP and Director of Business Operations Carole Drury.

Both owners had worked with Terri Rossman, and, as Carole Drury points out, “Marcie and I really wanted to keep Terri’s vision alive.”

PSLLC Vision

That vision focuses on helping individuals of all ages (particularly children and young adults) develop essential speech, language, and social skills.

“We specialize in comprehensive speech-language and psycho-educational evaluations as well as social learning groups, executive function therapy, and individual and group speech-language therapy,” explains Drury.

“Parents turn to PSLLC because research has shown that effective speech-language therapy and academic and psychological support at the right time can greatly improve a child’s chances of success in school and in life.”

“While we provide a wide array of services, we often treat students with autism spectrum disorders, receptive and expressive language delays, articulation difficulties, literacy weaknesses, and executive functioning difficulties,” adds Fountaine.

To help clients, PSLLC offers a licensed staff of seven speech-language pathologists, a learning consultant, and a clinical psychologist, all of whom are highly trained with advanced or terminal (highest in the field) degrees.

Whether clients are coping with delayed speech, a lisp or stutter, problems with understanding and communicating, difficulty with executive function (decision-making), social thinking issues, or autism and other conditions, PSLLC offers a range of therapies to help students overcome these challenges.

Extensive Evaluation

A variety of methods, techniques, and strategies are utilized, including group classes, individual therapy, and a range of computer-based learning programs. The focus for the youngest children often emphasizes play, such as learning vocabulary with toys.

“We offer exceptional therapeutic interventions and extensive evaluation reports for students of all ages, with varying degrees of language, learning, and/or social-emotional challenges,” observes Fountaine. “Our social communication groups are highly sought after to provide students with the ability to navigate the often complex social world of today. Our clinicians are highly trained to utilize the social thinking curriculum established by Michelle Garcia Winner.”

Clients, who are often referred by physicians or teachers, come to PSLLC from all over the area and beyond, and usually attend classes once or twice a week, determined by the situation. Sessions range from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on age and severity of the disorder.

The spacious new location offers a first floor setting for psychology, executive function, and social classes, and upstairs rooms for speech and language classes.

“Duration of therapy depends on the severity of the communication disorder,” notes Fountaine. “Some students come for six months, and others may require our services for longer periods of time.”

Both Drury and Fountaine are proud of the help PSLLC offers clients, and their success rate is very encouraging.

Positive Connections

“The entire staff at PSLLC stays up-to-date with current trends in therapy to provide the most effective, evidence-based therapeutic approaches,” says Fountaine. “The field of speech-language pathology is incredibly rewarding work. We build positive connections with families and provide services that enhance a child’s ability to express their thoughts and ideas and improve their ability to interact with peers.”

Adds Drury, “We view our clients like family, and it is incredibly satisfying to witness their progress. I love the kids! When someone who has been non-verbal comes in and says, ‘Hi, Ms. Carole!,’ it makes me so happy. I love our clients and seeing them progress. And I love our staff. They are so dedicated to helping everyone.”

Both owners look forward to expanding PSLLC’s innovative services and treatments to help even more people, and to continue to make an important difference in their lives.

PSLLC is open Monday through Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. For further information, call (609) 924-7080, and visit the website: