March 4, 2020

Former Councilman Endorses Fraga for “Fairness, Honesty, Diversity, Hard Work”

To the Editor:

It is my honor and privilege to be given the opportunity to tell the wonderful folks of Princeton why I support the honorable Councilwoman Leticia Fraga for re-election to Princeton Council. As someone that dedicated more than 15 years as a Princeton Councilman, I know when true authentic public representation is being delivered. A vote for Councilwoman Fraga is a vote for fairness, honesty, diversity, hard work, and empowerment.

Councilwoman Fraga believes in leveling the playing field for all. This can be seen in how she continues to build connections between different groups of people. Many people don’t know that Councilwoman Fraga, with a few other caring people, were the catalyst to re-establish the Civil Rights Commission. This important Commission, where Councilwoman Fraga served as the chairperson, continues to educate and look after the most vulnerable among us. Councilwoman Fraga did not stop with this victory, but continued by joining the Human Service Commission, where she helped develop resolutions and initiatives in support of our immigrant community.

Another little kept secret is how Councilwoman Fraga worked with the Princeton Police Department to establish a system where unclaimed and abandoned bikes could be given to residents  in our community who are in need. In the past, these bikes have been sold at auctions in lots and moved out of town. What a treasure to have a councilwoman who understands the sensitivity of making it a priority to make sure the community and the police department work together. Councilwoman Fraga, as a member of the Public Safety Committee, took part in the police recruitment process of our newest diverse officers. She was instrumental in ensuring that monthly police reports include information on the number of citations versus warnings, and that the data is broken by demographics in order to address concerns of profiling.

The truth is I can go on and on with the accomplishments of Councilwoman Fraga. They are endless. I am hoping that everyone clearly understands how important it is to vote for Councilwoman Leticia Fraga. We need someone that represents all of us. We need someone who cares and listens every day. My vote is for Councilwoman Leticia Fraga.

Lance Liverman
Witherspoon Street