February 5, 2020

Library Place Resident Supports Call For Traffic Calming Devices

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article concerning traffic on Edgehill Street [“Residents Urge Fix for Edgehill Traffic, Dangerous Conditions,” page one, Jan. 29].

I live on Library Place. I avoid the light on Library at Stockton and cut through on Hibben or Edgehill when traveling from east to west. Why do I do this? If one takes Library from Mercer Street and is behind a driver turning left, depending on the time of day, one can sit through 2-4 cycles of the light before the driver in front can make his turn.

Simple solution: a green arrow for left turners timed so a realistic number of cars can turn. Even if the town has to get permission from the state because Stockton is a state road, it should have been done yesterday.

By the way, Library Place between Stockton and Hodge is a speedway. Cars travel 40-50 mph. It’s a straightaway with nothing to slow cars down. We need traffic calming devices.

Ruth Sayer
Library Place