January 15, 2020

Leslie Kuenne Tribute Exhibit at D&R Greenway

“LIGHT, STILLNESS & BEAUTY”: An exhibition of art by the late Leslie Vought Kuenne is on view in the Olivia Rainbow Gallery at D&R Greenway Land Trust through February 6. Kuenne’s wide-ranging work features unexpected nature subjects. (Photo by Lisa Granozio)

D&R Greenway’s Olivia Rainbow Gallery now features an exhibition of nature paintings and photographs by the late Leslie Vought Kuenne, on view through February 6.

The art space is maintained in perpetuity, honoring Leslie and Chris Kuenne’s late daughter, Olivia Michelle. The exhibit, “Light, Stillness & Beauty,” — named by co-curator Lisa Granozio — evokes the variety of this display of unexpected nature subjects.

D&R Greenway Land Trust notes that it is deeply appreciative to Leslie’s husband, Christopher, and their sons, Peter, William, and Matthew; as well as Leslie’s sister, Victoria; for the privilege of remembering Leslie through this sample of her work.

Leslie Kuenne was a generous public servant and diverse artist. Her husband, Christopher B. Kuenne, author and founder of Rosetta and Rosemark Capital, is a Princeton University lecturer in entrepreneurship. Until shortly before her death, Leslie served as the president of McCarter Theatre Center’s Board of Trustees.

Kuenne’s lively, even quirky works include a hefty savoy cabbage that contends with the intimacy of a softly burgeoning tulip. Her saucy rooster painting challenges a nearby portrait of a nearly exploding tulip. Her approaches to tulips in particular could be said to be that of a deep-sea diver

Kuenne’s close-up of local ice contends in both hue and line with her intense oil of a Vermont sunset. Coming from an artistic family — her father Peter Vought’s “passion to create came in the form of paintings, sculptures, gardens, and even story-telling” — Kuenne carried her father’s versatility to unexplored levels.

Contrast could be said to have been Kuenne’s specialty: entwining leaves softening harshly weathered wood. rittle paint curls contrast with severe straightness in a venerable fence. Friend and co-artist Lisa Granozio is responsible for the inspired juxtapositions of her works throughout this tribute exhibition.

D&R Greenway is located at One Preservation Place, off Rosedale Road. For more information, call (609) 924-4646 or visit www.drgreenway.org.