January 8, 2020

Remembering Rabbi Feldman For Community Partnerships

To the Editor:

As the executive director of Trinity Counseling Service, I feel a profound professional as well as personal loss as a result of Rabbi Adam Feldman’s death. As I joined hundreds of family, friends, colleagues, and parishioners at Rabbi Feldman’s funeral last Sunday, the theme of devoted friend, passionate colleague, and connector continued to emerge. People used phrases like “master of relationships,” and talked about the power of Adam’s ability to listen and join with people from all faith traditions and backgrounds. They talked about his investment in community partnerships as well as his commitment to constructive, civil discourse as a means of both connecting and healing. His commitment to modeling collaboration, partnership, respect, and support for others were hallmarks of Adam’s way of being in the world. He exuded gentle strength that was powerful. He could also be feisty, which was part of his charm.

As a member of the TCS Board of Trustees, Rabbi Feldman was a strong supporter of mental health awareness and talked openly about his experience with how many are struggling with anxiety and depression today. He understood that mental health is not a luxury, but a necessity. He advocated for the importance of people to have access to mental health support when needed. He and I talked frequently about ways to expand services to support the greater Princeton community including ways to support other faith leaders, school personnel, law enforcement, etc. in order for community leaders to be better prepared to offer support to those we serve. Adam was an invaluable colleague — a calm, steady presence who gave honest feedback and always had your back. A signature and sincere question for those of us who met with him regularly was, “now…what can I do for you?” Adam made an indelible impact on our community, and now it’s our job to ensure that his legacy lives on.

Whitney B. Ross, PhD
Executive Director
Trinity Counseling Service