December 11, 2019

Environmental Health Specialist Levine Will Be “Greatly Missed”

To the Editor:

I was sorry to learn of the recent departure of senior registered environmental health specialist Keith Levine from the Princeton Health Department. Health specialist Levine was a dedicated civil servant who displayed professionalism, knowledge, efficiency, compassion, and caring in the performance of his duties and was always attentive to that call no matter how busy he was.

Health specialist Levine was the only official I contacted who was responsive to the complaints of tenants of Elm Court and Harriet Bryan House when management was complacent about trash piling up in the trash rooms and other problems too numerous to mention.

He will be greatly missed by everyone who had occasion to solicit his help and Princeton’s loss will certainly be someone else’s gain. We can ill afford to lose people of this caliber in Princeton.

Linda Ricker
Elm Court