November 13, 2019

Mercer County Completes Constructed Ruin Project

RESTORING A RUIN: Mercer County has preserved the historic brick walls of the Rogers House in Mercer County Park as an “open-air” constructed ruin adapted for interpretation.

The Mercer County Park Commission has completed work on the John Rogers House Constructed Ruin in Mercer County Park. Built in 1761, the Rogers House is believed to be the oldest existing structure in West Windsor Township.

The Rogers House was listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places in 1976; it is significant as a good example of the 18th century pattern brick architecture. The structure was deeded to Mercer County in 1970 when the lands around the house became Mercer County Park.

Based on park planning and programming, the County preserved the historic brick walls as an “open-air” constructed ruin adapted for interpretation. Three walls were stabilized to preserve the historic brick of the house and integrate the structure into the Park’s programming. The renovated Rogers House site includes adjacent landscape with porous paved walking paths, vehicle access roads, parking, and outdoor interpretive signage.

The interpretive signage tells the story of the Rogers’ farmstead and house within the local and regional history of the area. The renovated site will serve as a public gathering space and a point of interest along the walking paths and trails.