November 13, 2019

Adam Bierman Thanks His Supporters, Will Continue To Be Community Advocate

To the Editor:

I wish to say a quick thanks to those who supported me and our shared vision of being a vibrant and affordable Princeton for all.

I will continue to be a community advocate. We are neighbors with the same basic interests that go beyond partisanship. We all want Princeton to be livable through enhancing the quality of life, affordability, and the maintenance of excellent public schools at a reasonable cost. I will always take a position on town matters, and speak out if and when there is less than optimal decision making. I will be striving for independence, competency, transparency, and fiscal prudence.

In every corner of Princeton I met with people, looked them in the eye, shook their hands, and shared my thoughts on issues. I didn’t worry about their party affiliation, and many didn’t worry about mine. It was simply shared conviction that brought us all together. I enjoyed canvassing all streets of Princeton and many times instead of talking I listened, with my critical thinking cap on, always keeping my mind open and willing to change it.

Of course I am disappointed, but in this great American tradition I concede defeat and accept the verdict of the people. We  must never forget how special this peaceful transfer of power is, even at the local level. I have lived in and visited countries where the opposite is true, and it is not a pretty sight.

This is my opponents’ Mia Sacks and Michelle Lambros’  day. I respect their passion, commitment to making our town a better place to live, play, and work in. Heartfelt congratulations and good luck!

Adam Bierman
Grover Avenue