October 30, 2019

Stankiewicz and Kanter Will Ensure Strong and Collaborative Board

To the Editor:

We are honored to serve on the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education. We have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to do the difficult work that is required on our Board, and the importance of collaboration, creativity and integrity. We are writing as citizens, not as Board members, nor on behalf of the Board. As citizens, we strongly support Greg Stankiewicz and Susan Kanter for election to the Board of Education.
Both Greg and Susan have the most important skills needed for the challenges that our district faces in the coming years — the ability to work collaboratively and selflessly, to focus on the (complex) big picture, and to unify our community through transparency, compassion, and a genuine commitment to equity, wellness, and inclusivity for all children.

As the Board’s vice president, Greg has strengthened our Board’s governance and increased openness, transparency, and community engagement. He has led in the development of strong student-centered policies around restorative justice and addressing the problem of vaping. Greg has also led a major effort to advocate for increased aid from the state. An early success was $1.7M of additional one-time state aid that Princeton received as partial reimbursement for Special Education expense — a boon to our budget. Greg’s sophisticated, knowledgeable advocacy is essential to address our district’s structural fiscal challenges.

Susan has 23 years of relevant experience in the private sector, managing a budget comparable to the district’s $100M budget. She will be instrumental in addressing our budget challenges, ensuring every tax dollar is spent wisely and that facilities planning is done professionally and with a high level of community engagement. Susan has been a dedicated school volunteer, serving as treasurer of JWMS PTO and, for the past six years, co-president of the PHS PTO. The hallmark of her volunteer service has been building equity in our schools, striving to create and fund opportunities for all children, regardless of family income. In keeping with her passionate commitment to enhanced student wellness and engagement, Susan also served on the committee that developed the new high school schedule and later school start time. Susan’s new ideas, relevant skills, and positive, unifying energy are much needed on the Board.

Greg and Susan are both personally and professionally prepared to serve. They have each already established the constructive, respectful relationships with the administration, teachers, and staff needed to be effective. Most importantly, by voting for Greg and Susan, you can ensure a strong and effective Board whose stewardship of our schools is always rooted in the interests of our community’s children. Please join us in voting for Greg Stankiewicz and Susan Kanter on Tuesday, November 5th.

Michele Tuck-Ponder
Laurel Circle

Jessica Deutsch
Riverside Drive

Brian McDonald
Journey’s End Lane