October 30, 2019

Former Council Member Says Lambros, Sacks Understand Variety of Perspectives

To the Editor:

As a former elected representative on Princeton Council, I know that issues come at you fast on the municipal dais. In any given meeting, Council members may consider such disparate issues as invasive species, affordable housing, parking, personnel, streets and sewers, sidewalks, police and the municipal budget, just to name a few. Princeton needs elected officials who are committed to understanding all these issues from a variety of perspectives. Michelle Pirone Lambros and Mia Sacks have demonstrated that they are willing to work hard for the betterment of the entire community.

Mia has a professional background working at the intersection of law and public policy that will serve her well on Council. She is a member of the Planning Board and previously served on the Environmental Commission and other municipal advisory bodies. Michelle, an experienced entrepreneur, has used her skills to work with the Princeton business community. She serves on the Board of the Princeton Merchants Association and the Zoning Board.

As Princetonians with deep roots in the community, both candidates have demonstrated their willingness to bring their experience and unique perspectives to the challenges facing the town. They earned the support of the Democratic party by their clear-eyed assessments of some of the town’s most difficult challenges, as well as offering innovative solutions. I have tremendous confidence in their ability to serve all residents of our diverse community.

I heartily endorse Mia and Michelle for Council.

Jo Butler
Hibben Road