October 23, 2019

Ex-Mayor Miller Supporting Zwicker, Freiman, Lambros

To The Editor:

On November 5, the voters of Princeton will have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote in what has been characterized as an “off-year” election. The very phrase “off-year” has a negative connotation, implying that an off-year election is of lesser importance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While the Democratic Party is running excellent candidates who deserve our support for the positions of Mercer County Executive and Mercer County Freeholder, Princeton is located in New Jersey Assembly District 16 where we are represented by Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker and Assemblyman Roy Freiman, both Democrats. Historically, the 16th is a district that had not been represented by Democrats. This was changed by the support, and especially by the turnout of Princeton voters. Only by achieving another large turnout of Democratic voters can we assure the re-election of Andrew Zwicker and Roy Freiman to the New Jersey State Assembly.

The election of two new Council members in this “off year” election on November 5 is of crucial importance to the future of Princeton. In addition to ongoing issues such as affordable housing, negotiations for a new voluntary contribution agreement with Princeton University, parking and maintaining a stock of middle income housing, Council will also have to deal with a problem that could have long-term effects on our central business district. While many of our businesses are already stressed by changing consumer buying habits and increasing rents, the closure of Alexander Road between Route 1 and Princeton for necessary bridge replacement will create a “perfect traffic storm” that will make it more difficult for people who live west and south of Princeton to come to town to attend events, shop, or enjoy a meal. Both of the Democratic candidates for Council are well prepared to serve through experience that they have gained by working in a volunteer capacity in our community. However, only Michelle Pirone Lambros has extensive experience as a small business entrepreneur and business owner that positions her well to understand the needs of our business community. Michelle is especially well qualified to work with the business community, and the other stakeholders in the central business district, to help Council understand the actions that it can take to lessen the impacts of the bridge closures during the many months that Alexander Road access to Princeton is closed.

Vote in person on November 5 or be sure to return your vote by mail ballot. You’ll find all of the Democratic candidates in Column A. Don’t be deterred by claims that this is an “off-year” election and not important. Key races in this election can be won or lost by voter turnout in Princeton.

Vote Democratic and help continue a government that works on behalf of all of us in the New Jersey Assembly, Mercer County, and especially in our hometown, Princeton.

Bernard P. Miller
Governors Lane