October 23, 2019

Background in Finance Qualifies Stankiewicz for Return to Board

To the Editor:

We are writing to enthusiastically support the re-election of Greg Stankiewicz for Princeton’s Board of Education.

One of Greg’s priorities is to strengthen the school district’s finances — a task for which he is well prepared because of his strong background in public finance. Greg worked as a budget specialist at the NJ Office of Management and Budget and wrote his Ph.D. dissertation at Princeton on state and local finance.

Greg’s knowledge and experience are particularly important right now because the Board of Education may once again face tough decisions when planning next year’s budget, due to rising enrollments and the continual underfunding of the district by the state.

In his tenure on the Board, Greg has focused on ways to increase revenues and reduce costs for the district. He supported and helped facilitate the hiring of a firm to evaluate how the district and municipality can most efficiently share services. He also encouraged the district to join a coalition that convinced the legislature to provide additional state aid for extraordinary special education costs, which resulted in Princeton receiving an additional $1.7 million this year.

Going forward, Greg is championing state legislation, introduced by Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, which would result in the state directly funding charter schools, freeing up $6.5 million a year for Princeton Public Schools’ budget, while keeping the charter school fiscally whole.

This work is not and cannot be done alone. Greg is capable of bringing people together, and gathering and synthesizing a variety of perspectives to put a plan into action. He is calm under pressure and is willing to put in the hard work and long hours because he believes deeply that all students must receive the best education possible.

The Board of Education is most effective when they work together. Greg’s respect of others, positive attitude, and dedication will ensure that the School Board has the opportunity to be successful in its mission to support all of our students.

Please join us in voting for Greg Stankiewicz on November 5.

Amy Craft, Carrie and Doug Elwood
Poe Road

Christina Walden
Dodds Lane